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Aloha, please allow me to introduce the new Joshua Medical Center on board the S. S. Ao E Komo. A cruise ship on land.

30 years ago Joshua Medical was founded with a mission to “preach the Gospel and heal the sick” (Luke 9:2). Today, Joshua is a Village, our staff are our cousins and our guests come for healing.

Joshua Medical Center is located in the heart of La Palma on 7872 Walker Street, next to La Palma City Hall and across the street from La Palma Hospital. It’s a 2-story building with 30,000 square feet on each deck. Deck 1 South is where Joshua Medical Clinic is located. Deck 1 North is ‘Health Spring’ and Labcorp. At Health Spring we provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture care. The professionals and facilities are at your disposal. You set your goals and take charge of your health, we provide the support.

Deck 2 is the “Kauhale” which means Village in Hawaiian. There you’ll find passion for the Soul. The Kauhale is our community center. Members can gather for shows and relaxation; there are game tables, ping pong tables and a martial arts dojo. The Tiki Bar is open for coffee and juice. If you can put up with the cousins, you are always welcome to have lunch at the Pacific Beach. For those who yearn for higher education, you can even earn your doctoral degree from Judson International University on board the Ao E Komo!

Deck 3 (in the planning stage) will be the Promenade Deck. We’ll have a rooftop garden and BBQ pits. The sun deck will be for group activities, special events and weddings. In the future, we’ll board the Ao E Komo from a gantry (external elevator) on the port side of the ship.

In the Hawaiian language, “Ao” is the “light of dawn”, “E Komo Mai” means to welcome. Each morning when you board the S. S. Ao E Komo we’ll embrace the light of dawn as we embark on our adventure together.

Doctors at Joshua Medical are professionals in the art and science of caring. Dr. Winston Wong takes care of Geriatrics, Diabetes and Pediatrics. Drs. Andrew Mui and Kwan Tan specialize in Internal Medicine. Juliana Wilson and Lawrence Tsai are certified Physician Assistants in Family Practice. Together with the crew on board the Ao E Komo, we strive to provide healing for you and our communities. I pray you will find us faithful.

Winston C. Wong, M.D.
Captain, S. S. Ao E Komo

Joshua Medical Center, 7872 Walker Street, La Palma, CA (714) 527-8777